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Case Studies

Outsource: KAF External Pipeline

Location: Kandahar, Afghanistan ​

Period: 2016-2018

Project Overview

In 2018, NCS re-commissioned a fuel pipeline between our bulk fuel installation at Kandahar Airfield (KAF) and our off-base storage facility Southern Distribution Center 1 (SDC1).

Project Management

  • Subcontractor Management (construction below & above ground) ​
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation​
  • Local Labour Management (during construction) ​
  • HSE Project Management (during construction) 


NCS achieve international regulatory standards in all aspects of the work related to the re-commissioning of the pipeline at KAF. NCS personnel. Inspection and testing of the pipeline was carried out upon the completion of each project phase of construction by an NCS competently trained person and witnessed by a 3rd party API 570 Certified inspector.

The pipeline re-commissioned by NCS has a total length of 3.9 km from the NATO Fuel Transfer Point (NFTP) on the KAF site to the off-base storage location (SDC1). This pipeline enabled direct issue/receipt into KAF from the off-base storage significantly improving the reliability of the supply line procedures; by introducing this operational capability it removed the road transport as the primary source of supply to a secondary back up capability. The initial scoping exercise began in July 2016 with the first pumping operation taking place in March 2018. Re-commission of the fuel pipeline served to reduce the requirement of haulage and the inherent security risks this brought with it in the environment, provided flexibility on fuel receipt and volumes daily; and removed risks associated e.g., fuel spillage, traffic incidents, vehicle failure and terrorist activity. From commission in 2018 and until the camp closure in 2021 the pipeline allowed for safe delivery of 200 million liters of F-34 aviation fuel into the Bulk FueI Installations in KAF without use of trucks.

Outsource: Herat BFI

Name: Herat BFI​
Location: Camp Arena, Herat, Afghanistan​
Period: 201

Project Overview

In 2018 NCS designed and constructed a new Bulk Fuel Installation (BFI) at Camp Arena, Herat, Afghanistan for NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency) under our Resolute Support Mission contract. 

Project Management

  • Tank-Tainer based Fuel Farm​
  • Technical design​
  • Project Management (construction)​
  • Environmental and Health & Safety Considerations



In 2018, NCS on behalf of NSPA (client) NCS designed and constructed a Bulk Fuel Installation (BFI) at Camp Arena. The BFI was built of industry compliant double skinned fuel storage tank-tainers and connected via an above and below ground pipeline to the current fuel infrastructure at the site.​

The BFI in Camp Arena consisted of 24 new double skinned tank-tainers which were installed without interruption to operations. The project included the design, procurement, installation, and commissioning of the facilities. The new capacity of the installation when commissioned in July 2018, was 677,000 liters of F-34 (JET) and F-54 (Diesel) specification product.​

NCS applied controlled project management to ensure uninterrupted​
support capabilities to our customer 24/7.

The work on site was completed in line with stringent safety and​ environmental checks, scheduled and unscheduled quality checks, and was​
overseen by competent NCS personnel.​ The aim for NCS was to supply a durable and long-lasting fuel installation​ with a high degree of environmental protection. During design and​ construction, NCS ensured NSPA received a low maintenance and​ environmentally low risk fuel facility.

Expeditionary Fuel Solutions: NATO Fuel Transfer Unit (NFTP)

Name: NFTP Pipeline Tie-in Point​

Location: KAF, Afghanistan​

Period: January 2018 to March 2018

Project Overview

In 2018 due to an increase in operational tempo NCS were tasked with recommissioning an external pipeline and construction of a new Bulk Fuel Storage Facility. This required the construction of a Pipeline Tie-in Point (TiP) at the NATO Fuel Transfer Point (NTFP), at Kandahar Airfield (KAF) Afghanistan.

Project Management

  • Supply Line Optimization​
  • Accelerated Project Management​
  • Operational Continuity​
  • Fuel Equipment Procurement


The objective of this project was to give added operational capability and security in terms of the methods of in-loading and distributing F-34 Aviation Fuel onto KAF from NCS off-base storage via an existing external pipeline into the NFTP Bulk Fuel Installation (BFI) Storage and beyond. The TiP securely coupled the external to internal pipeline onto the NFTP BFI by use of a valve pit system and detonation arrestor; removing the requirement for trucks to be​ utilized for transfer of F-34 (JET) onto site, reducing the environmental, safety and security impact on the site and reducing operational costs.

The following design requirements were agreed and met in the preparation phase:​

  • Meet international standards in all aspects of the work. ​
  • Ease of maintenance​
  • Safe and user friendly.​
  • Durable and robust in design and material selection.​
  • Meet the high demand of the intended users.​
  • Materials selection shall be of equal to or greater than the standard of​
  • what has previously been utilized for pre-existing connecting pipework.

The work was managed in line with stringent safety and environmental checks through scheduled and unscheduled quality procedures, all overseen by competent NCS personnel.

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