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Expeditionary Fuel Solutions

World Fuel Services has a broad range of experience in the global fuel market. Our past and current activities include the provision of fueling support to the US Government and various NATO nations. In addition to fuel support for individual countries, World Fuel has extensive expertise in supporting global agencies and coalition forces during global military deployments or responding to unforeseen events.​ 

Our solutions are customizable to each customer’s requirements and is flexible, scalable, and modular. Capable of end-to-end operation and visibility of fuel and energy transportation, stock management and point of sale activities.

Strategic, operational, tactical


Common Deployments


The Airborne Fuel Delivery System is a specialized fully stand-alone unit based on a tanktainer, pump, meter, filters and a system of hoses and catch bags to allow the tanks to safely vent at altitude. ​AFDS is standardized to fit in any IL76 and operates independently of the aircraft’s fuel systems​.

The system carries a deliverable load of 37,000 liters per flight Uploads in 40 – 45 minutes and downloads in 45 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the hoses and pumps at the receiving airfield Hosting IL-76 aircraft is refueled simultaneously to the ABFDS with a second truck to reduce turnaround time
Airborne Fuel Delivery System

Ship to Shore

The mission system contains a command center and fuel monitor that helps you view stocks by location and automatically gauges the tanks. The whole system is comprised of storage, pipelines, tracking software, and tools to maintain the environment.

Expeditionary Fuel Equipment

As an all-inclusive provider we are capable of providing customized technical services in accordance with the most recent international standards. ​

Industry Standard Equipment:​
Our primary choice is the Hammond range of injectors (TPI-4T-4A-1) with proven injection systems to produce military specification JP-8 jet fuel. Additives can be delivered continuously at ratios from 4-25000 ppm or tailored to suit a specific requirement​.

Fuel Management Software

Our software tracks all movements and inventories throughout a deployed expeditionary fuel system in real time. It helps identify challenges to a steady supply chain. Tested and developed for Afghanistan, this robust software gives 360 degree visibility of any deployable modular supply chain. It can be deployed if you're doing a single module like Ship to Shore or Airborne, or a complex end-to-end operation. From a battlefield or an emergency situation, the modular software gives you insight on your deployed fueling operation.

fuel value supply



From small to large requirements we have you covered.  No operation, customer or situation is the same, we understand that having supported military operations for over 30 years.  

  • Storage solutions (collapse bladder tanks, ISO tank containers – single or doubled wall)
  • Fuel Trucks
  • Additive Injection systems
  • Pumps and filtration 
  • Collapsible and rigid fuel pipelines
  • Aircraft fueling equipment
  • Jerry Can refueling stations
  • Air transportable fuel pumps and bladders 

Quality Surveillance

  • Lab testing up to Refinery level
  • Data collection and repository
  • Data warehousing for testing and sampling 


•    Bespoke solutions based on requirement and client need
•    Subject Matter Experts to advise 
•    Subject Matter Experts to run and manage Government owned equipment
•    Turn-Key Fuel Solutions Camp and Base Operation 

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