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Turnkey Fuel Solutions

Nordic Camp Supply (NCS Fuel)

Nordic Camp Supply (NCS Fuel) is a subsidiary of World Fuel Services, a global leader in fuel logistics specializing in the marketing, sale and distribution of marine, aviation and land fuel and related services. We are able to draw on these considerable resources to provide our customers with high-quality fuel services anywhere in the world. 

NCS specializes in the supply of fuel products and related services to: support remote site operations peacekeeping missions and expeditionary forces in challenging environments. We deliver comprehensive end-to-end fuel management and logistics services with every aspect tailored to individual customer needs.

NCS leverages a strong skills base originally developed to support military customers in expeditionary environments. Our team provides over 1,000 years of experience, guaranteeing workable and efficient solutions. ​

With access to over 8,000 fully vetted and approved suppliers across the globe, NCS can reliably source all fuels and lubricants locally or internationally. We maintain key relationships with specialist equipment manufacturers to ensure a rapid response to any requirement and we apply the most stringent standards to all fuel and specialist equipment procurement. 

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Global Fuel Acquisition
Global buying power and an intimate understanding of fuel logistics

We have access to over 8,000 suppliers globally and can ensure best value for money but also the best quality product available. As part of our solutions, we include an omni-channel supply structure, in case the primary supply chain cannot support the operation due unexpected challenges.​

This means that you never have to worry about fuel supply. 

Global Transportation
Strict control measures so that you get what you pay ​

We are experts in Multi-Modal and Inter-Modal transportation solutions and currently move product around the world by road, rail, ship, air, and pipeline. Our supply systems are developed in the harshest environments, and our focus is always on safety, security, and product visibility​

Global Fuel Storage
Bulk storage with over 86M liters managed in remote environments​

Every single truck that arrives at an NCS managed storage facility is inspected before any fuel is authorized for loading and will be equipped with tamper-proof identification tags at each fuel access point, with verification control to ensure that every serial number matches and that there is no evidence of tampering. 

Distribution and Delivery
Anticipate needs through our monitoring and ‘push’ method​

We can offer own distribution fleet and establish static service stations for vehicles that can easily move around your site and provide a delivery service to those vehicles and equipment that have reduced or no mobility. This includes pre-emptive services for your power generation system – we monitor and maintain supply so that you have lights and power 24/7. ​

Infrastructure and Equipment Maintenance
A critical element of guaranteed fuel quality​

Dirty or poor-quality fuel is the most significant contributor to early filter and injector failure. Even the best quality fuel is threatened by poorly maintained storage infrastructure and transportation equipment. Part of our services includes a maintenance program that ensures you will never have a fuel quality issue. ​This includes:

  • Equipment maintenance programs ​
  • Meter calibration​
  • Tank cleaning 
Product Assurance and Inventory Management​
Testing and automated fuel management system​

Continuous testing is a key element for ensuring a reliable fuel supply program and is a service which very few companies can offer. ​

From the time we take ownership of the product until it is delivered to your equipment or vehicles, we will monitor the quality of the fuel to ensure that it always remains within the parameters of the standard you demand. 

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