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Emergency Fuel Management

Having emergency generators is your first backup, but have you considered how long you can operate on the fuel you have on hand? Business continuity is critical to the sustained operations of most businesses, especially government organizations, hospitals, and mission critical industries. However, most organizations are ill-prepared for ensuring continued operations or clean up following emergencies or weather disasters. Our Crisis Prevention team helps assess, plan, and execute power & fuel support, ensuring organizations are ready for emergencies before they happen.

emergency fuel management
Plan in Place

It will cost you less to prepare proactively for and address your fuel and power needs now. Receive an audit of potential weaknesses and threats to your organization in times of crisis, followed by a documented plan of actions to execute to ensure critical energy-reliant functions are not interrupted.​

Supply Priority

Receive supply priority during emergencies with structured agreements for back-up power supply and equipment. Secure your energy “first responder” placed as back-up support for large scale disaster and recovery situations.

Uninterrupted Operations

Avoid shut down of your operations during unexpected blackouts and fuel shortages. Disasters are becoming more common, more destructive, & more costly. The next disaster or emergency is not a matter of if – it is when.

Favorable Pricing

Don’t be at the mercy of peak pricing due to low supply and high demand. Receive more favorable pricing with structured agreements before disasters occur. 

Single Point of Contact

That is there for you when you need support.​

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